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Students often must show their knowledge in some topic during the writing essays. That is why you should be careful and attentive when you select a topic for essay. The selecting of topic is not so simple thing as may seem for first look. The topic must be meaningful and actual for your future readers. You need to raise the interest of readers to your essay. Only after you chose topic, you can start to think about structure of your work. The essay’s structure includes such parts as an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. You can use the epigraph before the introduction if you want. You can use a saying or proverb, a quotation, an anecdote as an epigraph. But it is not necessary element. In the introduction, you need to show the basic idea and give evidence for it in the main body of your essay. You must show your ideas and thoughts about the chosen topic. And you need to give convincing arguments for support this topic. Every sentence should be connected in the logical form with the previous one. You must show your own point of view in accordance with the chosen topic. You need to write only well checked information. You can use such sources of information as reference books, textbooks, encyclopedias, journals and magazines, scientific publications and articles, fiction books, the Internet materials and so on. You should keep up with correctness of your essay. You must avoid slang expressions, vulgarisms, common phrases and dialects in your work. In conclusion, you need to summarize all materials and remind the key ideas of your essay.

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